Bring Curiosity to Your Classroom.

The Bee Grant Program looks a bit different for the 2020-2021 Grant Cycle! In partnership with the Whole Kids Foundation, the Bee Cause Project is excited to provide a new opportunity through the Renewal Bee Grant. Learn more about how to apply on the Bee Grant page, or start your pollinator programming right now with the Back to School Six Week Bee Unit!

“Bees live as people should live: naturally, symbiotically, and in a manner that only contributes positively to the world around them.”
– Ted Dennard, Co-Founder of The Bee Cause Project

Small Creatures. Big Lessons.

The Bee Cause Project and our tiny partners, the bees, work to engage students of all ages with their own environments through observation based learning. Our STEAM-based curriculum, educational hives, and international network build learning opportunities in classrooms and communities, in order to inspire the next generation of environmental stewards.

Thank You to Our Forager & Honey Harvester Sponsors!