The Bee Grant Program seeks to stimulate curiosity in young people about the importance of bees in our lives and food system, the need to understand and embrace them, and the value of caring about their well-being.

The Traditional Bee Grant and the Renewal Bee Grant are offered by the Whole Kids Foundation in partnership with The Bee Cause Project.  These grants may be awarded to a school or non-profit organization.  Check out The Bee Grant webpage for information on pollinator curriculums and other tools to support your classroom.

Traditional Bee Grant

  • Honey Bee Hive or Monetary Stipend
  • Start-Up Funds to cover incidental costs in the first year
  • Technical Consulting to assist with Program Design and Rollout
  • Experience Box with extensive educational resources

Renewal Bee Grant

  • Monetary Stipend
  • Technical Consulting to assist with Program Design and Rollout
  • Experience Box with extensive educational resources

This year’s grant application is open from September 1, 2021 through October 15, 2021.  We are offering the Bee Grant to know organizations who would like to install a live beehive on campus.  Our Renewal Grant is offered to organizations that have received our Bee Grant in the past.

Join us for an hour-long webinar covering our Bee Grant program and the application process. This grant is offered in partnership with Whole Kids Foundation.  Applications open Sept. 1, 2021 and will close on Oct. 15, 2021.  Grants will be delivered in February 2022.

Fall Grant Application Webinars

Septemeber 15th Informational Webinar – Recorded

Q & A Session

October 4th, 2021 Q & A Session – Recorded

Bring Curiosity to Your Classroom.

The Bee Cause Project has been working hard to add more resources for our educators! We have created OER Commons to provide digital assets including curriculums, virtual field trips with lessons, suggested Citizen Science Projects, book clubs for kids with lessons, and relevant webinars and recordings to help you deliver quality instruction. Many of our offerings have educator guides, are mapped to the standards, and are easily adapted to digital platforms.  Our most successful programs begin with layers of lessons, curriculum, and labs to foster the excitement and love of learning about the honey bee and other pollinators.  With or without live bees on your campus, we will help to grow a community around your buzzworthy educational endeavors!

“Bees live as people should live: naturally, symbiotically, and in a manner that only contributes positively to the world around them.”
– Ted Dennard, Co-Founder of The Bee Cause Project

Small Creatures. Big Lessons.

The Bee Cause Project and our tiny partners, the bees, work to engage students of all ages with their own environments through observation based learning. Our STEAM-based curriculum, educational hives, and international network build learning opportunities in classrooms and communities, in order to inspire the next generation of environmental stewards.

We love to celebrate honey here at The Bee Cause Project, if you are to why not order our private label honey from Savannah Bee Company! A portion of the proceeds supports The Bee Cause!  While you are there try some of the other great honey flavors available at Savannah Bee.

Big things come in Small packages - thanks to all our small business fundraising partners!

Dee Ruel Jewelry Designs

Dee has transformed her appreciation for all things beautiful into exquisite pieces of jewelry. Her passion for creative expression is boundless, and her talent for designing unique pieces sets her above the rest.  Her studio is in Mt. Pleasant, SC. On any given day, you may find her there designing jewelry, giving lessons, or meticulously searching for high-quality materials.  Dee generously hosted a flash sale of a beautiful bee necklace with a portion of the proceeds benefiting The Bee Cause Project!

The Beachy Bee

Emilee, with the full support of her Mom and Dad, decided to start her own business to bring her two favorite things together, lip gloss and bees!  Thus began The Beachy Bee from their home in Southport, NC.  She hand makes each lip gloss from mostly all-natural ingredients, and the best part is that $1 from each one sold goes to The Bee Cause Project!

Thank You to Our Forager & Honey Harvester Sponsors!

Thank You to Our Supporting Partners!