To our supporters, funders, partners, and followers:

Thank you for a wonderful 2023. Together, we’re making a difference. A tangible, world-changing difference. We witness it with each grant-recipient school visit, where we hear third graders excitedly find the queen in their observation hive. Watch middle schoolers enthusiastically plant a pollinator garden. Hear a 5-year-old ask if “beekeeper” and “ballerina” are compatible career paths.

These are the education experiences that stay with a child. Shape them. Reinforce an interconnectedness with nature that is sustained into adulthood. The future leaders of tomorrow are learning in schools right now, and your contributions are helping to ensure they’re being guided by meaningful, positive experiences with the natural world.  

The importance of this impact was reinforced this fall when I was fortunate enough to attend COP28 in Dubai. It was humbling being amongst the planet’s foremost experts in climate resilience and within arms distance of leaders from the world over. The talks were fascinating, the exhibits meaningful, and the company inspiring.

Do you know what I kept seeing at seemingly every turn? Bees. Pollinators. Artwork dedicated to them. Exhibits explaining their significance. Calls to protect them – specifically to build more hives and grow more pollinator gardens. At the most significant climate summit in the world, our mission was reflected over and over again. It was validating, encouraging, and powerful.

The work we do at The Bee Cause Project is important. This work, which has the ability to touch millions of people worldwide, forward global efforts to build a more sustainable food system, and most importantly, grow the next generation of environmental stewards, was made possible by you.

We hope the following Impact Report illustrates how we made a difference together in 2023. What will we do in 2024? We hope to count you among our supporters this year and beyond.

Your friend,
Tami Enright
Executive Director, The Bee Cause Project