The Bee Grant Program

The Traditional Bee Grant is brought to you by the Whole Kids Foundation!  Applications will be open for submission in Fall 2022. Our most successful applicants tend to begin the pollinator curriculum before welcoming live bees, so we created the digital Back to School Bee Program to keep the momentum going!

The Renewal Bee Grant is for former grant recipients from the Whole Kids Foundation + The Bee Cause Bee Grant who have had a bee grant for at least one year before the time of application.

Back to School Bee Program: We want all educators interested in pollinator curriculum to have the resources they need, when they need it. Whether you have live bees on your campus already, or are a beginner in the bee world, we want to meet you where you are.

All of our Back to School Bee Program resources are distance learning friendly, include teacher companion guides, and are mapped to the standards – even the reading list. Scroll down to get started with the Back to School Bee Program!

2022 Upcoming Webinars

Stay tuned this Fall 2022!

Back to School with The Bee Cause Project!

Step One: Educate

Every Bee Program, like a honey bee hive, needs a strong foundation. We recommend first referencing the “How to Grow Your Bee Program” guide. Then begin to implement the Six Week Bee Unit. This curriculum has core compliant lessons, teacher guides, flash cards, and literature circle prompts.

Step Two: Build a Bee Club

No bee operates alone! A Bee Club provides structure to build support among your community, and to create an environment for those who want to learn more about bees! Bee Clubs are a great space for hosting bee book discussions, developing habitat on campus, and learning how to keep bees.

Step Three: Connect with Community!

Connect with your community members such as 4-H agents, local beekeeper association members, and farmers for in-person visits and (digital) field trips. These opportunities are an easy way to weave your larger parent and educator communities in to better understand the program, and our friends, the bees.

Step Four: Expand Your Habitat

Every hive needs a healthy habitat! Now is the time to understand and apply what you’ve learned about helping the bees succeed! This may look like welcoming live bees, or building native pollinator habitat. The “Bee” a Friend to Pollinators lesson plan will help you understand how pollinators share your surrounding habitat.