The Bee Grant

Powered by our partnership with the Whole Kids Foundation, our Bee Grant opportunities guide K-12 schools and nonprofits through the process to install and maintain their own educational hives and pollinator curriculum.

The 2020-2021 Bee Grant Cycle will open early September 2020. Please follow the steps below on this page to see how you can best prepare to welcome a hive!

The Whole Kids Foundation offers four types of Bee Grants:

* Monetary Grant: $1,500 to support the success of an educational hive program
* Observation Hive: equipment grant of a custom-made indoor observation hive
* Traditional Langstroth Hive: equipment grant an outdoor hive
* Top Bar Hive: equipment grant of an outdoor top bar hive

All grants include an experience box filled with classroom resources and curriculum, guidance and support to build your Bee Program, assistance in establishing a Beekeeper partnership to help care for the hive, and connections to our growing “hive” of bee advocates around the world.

Upcoming Webinars

Check back here for upcoming webinars about the Bee grant.

If you are currently on the hold list for the Bee Grant, or do not meet the requirements of this particular grant, please don’t hesitate to explore our other grant options or contact us at

Getting Started

We want our Bee Grant recipients to have the best and buzziest experience possible! The step-by-step process below will help you prepare for and maintain your school’s educational hive.

Step One: Educate

All Bee Grant applicants must first read and sign our Required Reading materials in their application process. Click below for these documents. The next step is to partner with a local Beekeeper Mentor who will act as a partner in this journey. It is never too early to begin building a local beekeeper relationship!

* Grant Overview
* Letter of Understanding for Schools
* Letter of Understanding for Nonprofits

Step Two: Rally Support

Each school district may have a different path for approval. In our Grant Overview guide, there is a section for Getting Your Bees Approved. We’ve outlined various steps for approval, as well as how to establish a Bee Club. Our Resources page includes templates and guides for talking points around safety, teaching opportunities, program effectiveness, and outreach advice to gain support for your Bee program.

Step Three: Welcome Your Bees!

This is the part you’ve been buzzing about! Our team will help you connect with a Bee Mentor and provide you with engaging STEAM curriculum to help your bees – and your classroom – thrive.

Step Four: Connect with the Hive

Welcome to the Hive! Join over 500 Bee Grant recipients and educators in the private Facebook Group: “The Bee Cause Project Educators, Supporters, Advocates.” Find a hive near you on the Hive Map here.