Holiday Gift ideas: 5 Bee-Centric Books for the little readers on your gift list


Add a little pollinator awareness under the Christmas tree this year with a book about bees! Our Director of Educational Programs, Emilee Elingburg, has selected 5 of her favorite bee-centric books – from scientific to fiction – to plant the seed of pollinator protection in the children on your gift list. Bonus: three of the five have a lesson plan on our website, perfect for starting a discussion with young readers about honeybees, pollinators, and other insects’ impacts on our planet. 

Check them out: 

  • Bees: A Honeyed History – Amazing information about bees throughout history and the pictures are worth a thousand words! – This one has a lesson plan on our website! 
  • Begin with a Bee – About the rusty patch bumblebee’s lifecycle (she is on the endangered species list) and how one queen bee makes a whole new family every season!
  • Flower Talk: How Plants Use Color to Communicate – The secret behind pollination is that flowers ‘talk’ to pollinators with colors, and smells, and by bribing them with sweet nectar to carry their pollen to other flowers – This one has a lesson plan on our website! 
  • Honeybees and Frenemies – Chapter book for 8 years and up about Flor, a young girl helping her family run their mattress store who faces a friendless summer, her dreaded hometown Honey Bee Pagent, and forced fun with her longest-running frenemy.  This one has a lesson plan on our website!
  • Pollen: Darwin’s 130-Year Prediciton – A new favorite about the 130-year-long mystery of what insect could be pollinating the Madagascar star orchid!

Happy reading, friends!