I Speak for the Bees! Project

The I Speak for The Bees! Project is a four-part, educational deep-dive into the world of honey bees including a final student-driven presentation.  Students can enjoy a digital hive inspection with an expert beekeeper, a Book Club Challenge for all ages, and a delightful mini-documentary video where honey bees dance! By completing the full scope of this project, students will understand the history of the honey bee, modern beekeeping best practices, the interaction between bees and the plant world, threats to the survival of bees and other pollinators, and mutualistic relationships. Students will research, cultivate their opinions, answer probing questions, and present their knowledge to the community through the media platform of their choice. 

The Educator’s Guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to organize and facilitate this unique lesson plan. Materials, resources, and background information are provided as well as Common Core and NGSS Standards Alignment. 

The Student Workbook leads your students through the honey bee-focused readings, video links, and hands-on activities. The students are encouraged to select how they Speak for the Bees! for their final project, making this a student-inspired work of “heart.” 

Grant funding for this project was provided by National Geographic.