A Glimpse Into the Future: Reflections from the 1% for the Planet Global Summit

Last month I had the opportunity to attend the 1% for the Planet Global Summit in New York City. This gathering of minds, united by a commitment to environmental philanthropy, was an enlightening experience, to say the least. 

For those unfamiliar, 1% for the Planet members commit to donating at least 1% of annual sales directly to environmental organizations.The organization’s job, then, is to  certify every donation to ensure businesses meet that commitment. To date, they’ve certified over $530 million in environmental giving. 

The summit brought together members and partners from around the world. We networked, workshopped, presented and were presented to, lunched, strolled, learned and ultimately, changed.

It may sound like a bold statement to make on behalf of hundreds of strangers, many of whom I only had brief conversations – to say confidently that they changed – but as I find myself both consciously and subconsciously considering my habits, my thought processes, and my personal space based on my experience at the Global Summit, I know it’s true.

Because it’s quite simply impossible to walk away from the conversations I had, the presentations I saw, and then connections I made and not feel profoundly grateful for our planet, in awe of its simultaneous strength and fragility, and frankly, terrified of our unintended effects on it. 

I know fellow attendees feel the same. It’s why we were there. Being together was a powerful reminder of our reality. Oceans warming, filled with plastics. Species dying off. Gone. Forever. But it was also a breathtaking, motivating opportunity to learn from the most passionate, most optimistic people on Earth. 

We can, and we will, build a sustainable future. At The Bee Cause, we’re humbled every day by the outreach, impact, and hard work of our counterparts in fellow nonprofits working tirelessly to protect our world. And we’re so thankful for 1% for the Planet for connecting us with businesses committed to giving back to the planet. 

Is your company a 1% for the Planet business member? I can tell you from chatting with the nonprofits receiving them: your dollars are working in miraculous, awe-inspiring ways. 

If you attended this year’s summit, I’d love to hear how or if you’re changing your habits, even just a little bit, based on the things you learned. Me? I’m shopping from companies using compostable packaging whenever possible (check out the world-changing products from Sway) and slimming down my Amazon deliveries list, for starters. Small steps, certainly, but just like bees in a hive, when we put all our tiny actions together, they add up to something big. Put all our small actions together, and they make a difference. If you’re moved to learn more about the mission of The Bee Cause Project and how you can contribute to our pollinator protectors, buzz over to our website: https://www.thebeecause.org/


Your friend fighting for the future,

Tami Enright, Executive Director

The Bee Cause Project