Where to Find Local & National Pollinator Partner and Educator Support

The honey bees have a practice called festooning. When it comes to building a new home, and comb inside the hive, honey bees link limbs to measure space. This ends up looking like they are building an actual bridge. Community engagement and your Bee Program acts in much of the same way. The following resources will help to build bridges into your community, through local and national organizations built to support educators.

Bees Festooning in an Observation Hive

Those bridges help to expand and support Bee Programs. The immediate communities in your programs such as the staff, administration, students, parents, and neighbors are the first step in community engagement. Followed by the partners mentioned below. All of this is to create a strong foundation of support for educators leading these programs, and expand the “hive” of people buzzing about pollinators. In this spirit, let’s start the festoon!

Engage Your Immediate Community

National & Local Pollinator Support

Connect the Curriculum

  • Clemson 4-H Created a Bee a Friend to Pollinators Student Companion Video, Click Here to Access their “Bee” a Friend to Pollinators Lesson Plan Sequence from Start to Finish: https://mailchi.mp/f6ab4c7f9416/bee-a-friend-to-pollinators-lesson-materials
  • Explore the Complexity of Your Ecosystem: Master Naturalist
  • Find the Native Pollinator Plants Specific to Your Area: Master Gardener
  • Expand the Action Plan: Partner with a Local Extension Agent to Make this Lesson Plan Come Alive or Continue the Lesson Over Several Months
  • Student Specific Projects: 4-H Extension Agents should be available to assist student led projects or personal student projects.

General Resources

Download the “Bee” a Friend to Pollinators Lesson Plan + Worksheets 

Watch the Student Companion Video Here