What to Do With Your Live Bees During the COVID-19 Response? Guidelines for Bee Grant Recipients Here

These guidelines are designed to help all Bee Grant recipients, educators, and supporters navigate the COVID-19 response in relation to school/community closures. If you have live bees on campus and need guidance for management, please review the following plans to ensure your safety, and the well being of our friends, the bees. 

Step One: Create a Plan of Action (With One of the Options Below)  

  • Bees to the Beekeeper Mentor

If you will have limited to no access to your campus, the best option is for your beekeeper mentor to move the bees to a bee yard/apiary. This approach is what many programs take during summer break when limited staff are in the building to monitor the bees. 

  • Bees Stay in Place

In the case you are not able to remove your hives, speak to your principal, superintendent, or leadership to establish a schedule and access for hive monitoring. If this process is not possible, or does not align with your organization and/or CDC Guidelines for social distancing, please do not try to access the hive. 

  • In the Case of a Swarm

Please remember, a swarm is a natural move for bees! When a hive swarms, they are dividing to grow. The Queen Bee should lay queen eggs and as the exit hive swarms to a new location, the existing hive will regrow. If for any reason we need to replace the hive, and you are worried about costs incurred to purchase new bees, please do not worry. The Pay it Forward fundraising platform exists for this reason.  

Step Two: Call Your Beekeeper Mentor

Discuss your plan with your Beekeeper Mentor and proceed. If your beekeeper is unable to do so, your local beekeeper association may be able to assist. These groups are usually organized by county or metro area. 

Step Three: Channel Your Inner Bee 

Your bees will take care of their hive, just as we will take care of ours. Above all, the safety and health of your community is our priority. Please reach out to info@thebeecause.org with any questions about your hive, how to make this transition, or in adapting pollinator programming for distance learning.