Press Release: The Bee Cause Project + Whole Foods Market Partner for new Library Grant



In celebration of National Pollinator Week this June 21-27, The Bee Cause Project announced that Whole Foods Market will fund “Bee a Friend to Pollinators” grants for 30 public libraries in Tennessee and North Carolina. The grants, made possible with a $20K donation to The Bee Cause Project by Whole Foods Market, will provide custom pollinator garden box installations with additional supporting materials for 11 libraries in Nashville, TN; 11 libraries in Raleigh, NC; 7 libraries in Durham, NC; and 1 library in Chapel Hill, NC.  Whole Foods also believes that #LibrariesNeedBeesToo!


Vital to worldwide ecosystems, bees support the healthy growth of trees, flowers and other plants through pollination. Without bees, food crops – and in turn, entire agricultural systems – crucial to the survival of Earth’s inhabitants across the globe would not exist. Through the “Bee a Friend to Pollinators” grants, The Bee Cause Project and Whole Foods Market aim to spread awareness around the importance of bees by helping community libraries make small changes to improve pollinator habitats and support ongoing pollinator literacy. Each grant will contain both indoor and outdoor learning components, valued at $500 total per grant.

  • Indoor Learning Components:
    • “Bee a Friend to Pollinators” lesson plan, including a pre- and post-campus assessment
    • 10 pollinator-focused books selected to address all levels of learning
    • Custom created educator guides for each book to encourage book club learning modules
    • Indoor bulletin board poster to highlight the “Bee a Friend to Pollinators” program
  • Outdoor Learning Components:
    • 1 sustainable Mason Bee House
    • 4 custom-built pollinator garden boxes, 1 for use by the library and 3 to give away to community members via an onsite education class
    • Signage to highlight the “Pollinator Friendly Campus” program and Whole Foods Market sponsorship
    • Shopping list by region that includes guidance on how to purchase soil; types of native plants; how to combine plants for greatest impact; and a planting calendar for all seasons by region
    • $50 stipend to purchase plants and soil locally



Within the “Bee a Friend to Pollinators” lesson plan, library staff will find the curriculum material and resources needed to engage their local communities, guiding them through the recommended steps to access community spaces and outline what pollinators need to thrive. Each recipient library is encouraged to organize a community event for children and families around National Pollinator Week June 21-27 and the arrival of the grants. During the event, library staff will give away DIY pollinator garden box kits and supporting “how-to” materials to three guests so that they can create their own pollinator habitat at home. Each library will also highlight new pollinator literature available to check out at that branch location.

We strive to promote small and local businesses whenever possible.  We want to give a special thank you to our partners who have helped us to produce the materials in the Library Grant box!

Thank You To Our Partners for Their Support!
Whole Food Market Southern Region @wholefoodsmarket – Atlanta, GA
Savannah Bee Company @savannahbeecompany – Savannah, GA
Upper Cumberland Bee Company @ucbees – Crossville, TN
Readers to Eaters @ReaderstoEaters – San Francisco, CA
Gardener’s Supply Company @gardeners – Burlington, VT