Get Buzzed in Baker

Introducing Liz Woolsey the owner of the Bristlecone General Store in Baker, Nevada.  She is a true supporter of bees around the world.  Last year alone, Liz donated 15 Hives to Heifer International.  She is committed to helping support pollinators and their habitat.  This year she found a way to advocate for pollinators in her own community.  Bristlecone General Store is in the gateway community to Great Basin National Park.  On August 12 and 13, Bristlecone offered $10 buzz haircuts and $25 trims, plus 10% sales of honey, coffee, and alcohol during their 2nd Annual GET BUZZED IN BAKER fundraiser to protect pollinators.   

Baker is the gateway community to Great Basin National Park and has a population of 100 people. Like a bee hive, Baker is a small but mighty community. They were able to recruit a hairdresser from Ely (65 miles away) to volunteer his time.  The community came out to support BGS and pollinators.  Not only did this community get a great haircut they also bought honey, coffee, and alcohol products to support pollinators while learning about the importance of pollinators and The Bee Cause Project. This event planted a seed to bring more programming to this small community.  We love to see the ways that communities urban communities like Detroit or small rural communities like Baker find a multitude of ways to support, promote, and bring awareness of pollinators.  If you find yourself near Great Basin National Park, be sure to stop at the Bristlecone General Store!  Follow and engage with us @thebeecause and @stargazerinnnevada to see more buzzing around the Hive.