Congratulations, Rescue MI Nature Now!

Rescue MI Nature Now, Inc. is a Michigan Nonprofit organization with the goal to connect , rebuild natural habitats and restore faith in the surrounding communities. We want to expand our passions which include working in the community, uplifting the youth and lending a helping hand. Rescue MI Nature Now, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to developing green space within the community and providing nature based educational programs.

We will accomplish this goal by purchasing unused, or underused, parcels of land and transforming them into community green space by planting trees, flowers, and other native plants. Along with transforming unused land, there will be a designated area where a small apiary will be placed, and educating the community on the important role honey bees play in pollination. Additionally, we will also offer educational programs for the community focusing on nature and teaching marketable job skills.

This year Rescue MI Nature Now has been awarded grant funding through the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation as a part of a grant mission to support wildlife habitats in Southeast Michigan.  Learn more about this amazing project to promote wildlife habitats in Michigan!


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