Chef Ron at Forest Ridge School in Bellevue, WA shares the love of pollinators!

The Bee Cause Project has partnered with Foresters Financial to help students Bee A Friend to Pollinators. This initiative began with committed educators like Chef Ron of Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart and others across the country who were given resources provided by The Bee Cause Project. This program helps schools make small changes to improve pollinator habitats and promote even bigger changes in their communities while supporting pollinator literacy. The program is meant to provide the tools that schools need to (1) host an in-person Volunteer Work Day with the team from Foresters Financial, (2) install pollinator-friendly habitat spaces on campus, and (3) continue the pollinator-educational experience with bee-themed pollinator activity kits and literature for students. Collectively, these steps increase awareness of the plight of pollinators and inspire students to become environmental stewards. Together we are making an impact!

Chef Ron at Forest Ridge School of Sacred Heart in Bellevue, WA hosted the first Kick Off Event with the Foresters volunteers on National Honey Bee Day. The goal was to bring the community together, introduce the program, and educate the community about ways to support pollinators.  It seems a good time was had by all!  “The Bee Pollinator Habitat was a wonderful event. I owe it to Ron for creating such a warm and inviting space for our members. During and after the event, there were many comments made regarding what (how this event was) an awesome opportunity to learn more about ways to support a healthy and sustainable world. All of the members who attended thoroughly enjoyed the morning and commented that they would like to see more events of this type.” – Leah Reynolds, Member Coordinator, Foresters Financial 

Please follow the amazing work at Forest Ridge School on Facebook and Instagram @forestridgeschool.  You can visit their website to learn more about the innovative programs across campus at  Our partners at Foresters Financial are committed to supporting our pollinator-education goals. They are no stranger to putting commitment into action within their communities.  Learn about the impact Foresters Financial has made with the dedication of volunteers within the company.  Check out the organization and life insurance with a larger purpose at  If you would like more information about The Bee Cause, please check out our website at Remember to find us on Facebook and Instagram at @thebeecause and @Foresters.

Volunteers got their hands dirty creating seed balls to disperse native wildflowers across campus to provide food for native bees.  A wonderful result of all this seed sowing – gorgeous flowers EVERYWHERE! Not only will native bees enjoy the “fruits” of this event but Foresters volunteers enjoyed culinary delights created by Chef Ron.