Black Lives Matter.

To The Bee Cause Project Community:

The systemic violence and brutality that stole the lives of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and countless other Black lives has made it clear that we at The Bee Cause Project have a moral duty to make sure our natural and built communities are safe spaces. 

Our tiniest partners, the bees, have connected us with communities in all 50 States, Puerto Rico, Canada, and the Bahamas. Environmental and social injustice invades the corners of each of these communities. It is woven into our institutions, and without action to find solutions, we play an active role in perpetuating the problem. 

When we introduce bees into classrooms and communities, we assume a responsibility to educate and empower students with knowledge of their natural world. Our goal is to start conversations and spark action toward environmental stewardship. 

Our mission is not viable if we do not first address the overt and institutionalized racism Black people face in accessing both safe outdoor experiences and healthy built environments.

Beekeeping and environmental groups have been historically white. Through our educational and conservation programs, we at The Bee Cause are redoubling our efforts to create a safe and welcoming space for Black representation.

Immediate goals for our organization include increasing minority leadership and leadership training, enhancing our messaging to make sure we are meeting the needs of minority partners, and creating a space and place at the forefront of our movement for Black voices to be heard. We are committed to stepping up and lifting up the voices of today’s minority communities. This is about the work we must do every single day to guarantee Black Lives Matter.

We will no doubt make mistakes along the way, but we promise that we will be accountable. We strive overall to share our love of bees with every single person who wants to experience their magic.

Best in Bees,

The Bee Cause Team

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Social and Environmental Justice Resources 

This is daily work that lasts a lifetime. For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of resources by subject matter experts if you need a place to begin your own research. We welcome additions to this list. 

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