Birds of Prey Apiary Beginnings

Here at The Bee Cause Project we have several springtime projects going on. This past weekend our efforts were directed at the development of the Birds of Prey apiary in Awendaw. The apiary will include a combination of traditional and observation hives, raised garden beds and free growing garden space filled with pollinators for the honeybees to come. This apiary’s gardens have been designed by the Green Heart Project.

In partnership with a group of volunteers from BoomTown, we began the work this past Friday, March 14 and spent a beautiful afternoon piecing together the raised beds. By the end of the weekend our handy carpenter finished the beds and we cannot wait to see them brimming with flowers.

The bees will arrive the week of March 24th. In addition to The Bee Cause hives there will be several other hives away from the trails onsite. We are so excited for this new addition at Birds of Prey. The programs they have currently are fun for all ages, and it is definitely worth a visit if you have never been.

We were glad to have a few welcome visitors, of which we will be sharing soon on the blog. A little hint: they never leave the house without camera and microphone in tow.

If you are heading out of town, The Birds of Prey Center is off of Highway 17 immediately before the Sewee Outpost on the right. Come check it out now or after the bees and gardens are installed. Visitors are always welcome! If you are interested in volunteering with future projects, please contact us at