Bee Friendly Videos + Live Streams

The hive is alive! The Bee Cause Project mission and programs are built around observation based learning. This could mean an observation hive in your school or community, walking around to observe outside on a campus or park, or even watching a digital hive feed from the comfort of your classroom!

The Bee Cause Project Digital Hive video was created to serve as a real hive experience, with lessons built in every step of the way. This 20+ minute Digital Hive feed combines scenes from a real observation hive, with interactive lessons. Are you interested in playing this in your classroom or organization? The Guide to the Digital Hive for Educators is free to download here. Click on the image below to watch our busy bees in the Digital Hive!

Watch the Bee Cause Project Digital Hive Here

The Digital Hive Experience

  • Length: 23 Minutes – Or Watch in Bite Size Pieces
  • Where to View: SMART board, Projector, TV Screen, Mobile, or Laptop
  • How to View:¬†Due to the size of the file, we suggest playing directly from the DropBox Link
  • Educator Guide: Dives into how to use the digital hive in your classroom
  • Digital Hive Activities: Educator Guide maps each activity to the common core and next generation science standards.
  • Sound On? Yes! This video includes sounds from the hive.

Guide to the Digital Hive for Educators

The secret life inside a honey bee hive doesn’t have to remain a mystery! This guide helps educators delve into the questions and activities highlighted in the Digital Hive video. Learn how to dance like a honey bee, explore their anatomy, and follow along with their life cycle.

After you finish reviewing the hive observations, continue your explorations! Suggested next steps include a KWL Chart, the pre-and post- video knowledge assessments, and discussion questions. If you have students who need to shake it up a bit, then this video will do just that with the waggle dance!

Please Note: The Bee Cause Project Digital Hive video is free to use and download with attribution for your classroom and community. Please email for permission to use outside of a K-12 school or classroom.

Download: Guide to the Digital Hive for Educators