5 Things to Know Before You Apply to the Bee Grant

The Bee Grant offered in tandem with the Whole Kids Foundation allows K-12 schools and non-profits to provide interactive pollinator education through the STEAM based, Bee Wise curriculum. The latest grant cycle opens Sept. 1st, 2019 and closes Oct. 5th, 2019 for the 2020 Cycle. You can head on over to the Whole Kids Foundation website to apply here

Before you apply, please review the Grant Overview document. If you need a few highlights before diving into the Grant Overview, here is a quick list to review if you are considering the Bee Grant for your program!

1. Bees Take a Village. The core of your Bee Program team is the Bee Advocate (the primary contact), your Beekeeper Mentor (a local beekeeper), and your Bee Club (3+ dedicated community members). Each program is required to work with a beekeeper partner to guide you along your journey. The Bee Club exists to support this program for long-term success! 

2. Get Pre-Approved for Live Bees. Live bees normally require approval from administrators, facilities managers, school boards, and/or insurance providers. It’s important to begin these important conversations as soon as possible. The Grant Overview guide will get you started with getting your bees approved. 

3. Build a Communication/Safety Plan. Although domesticated honeybees are generally gentle unless otherwise disturbed, not everyone knows this! Prepare your community for these tiny new classmates with a reliable safety plan and friendly parent letters. Templates are available on the Bee Cause website. 

4. Prepare for Long Term Costs. Even if everything is done right, sometimes bees swarm (re-locate) or die off due to factors beyond our control. In the long term, costs such as replacing a hive or paying your beekeeper can be managed through the Bee Cause’s Pay-it-Forward fundraising platform. Visit the Bee Cause’s website for resources on how to fundraise for your Bee Program.  

*Please note: the Bee Grant covers the cost of purchasing your first bees, but we do not purchase those bees for you. This will be done in tandem with your beekeeper. 

5. Join the Bee Cause Network! Whether or not you receive a Bee Grant, the Bee Wise curriculum is free and available to use at any time. Access this guide, along with extensive STEAM curriculum and lesson plans, on the Whole Kids Foundation and Bee Cause websites. 

The Bee Grant program comes equipped with ongoing support and a network of grant recipients. Once you receive a Bee Grant, please join the private Facebook group “The Bee Cause Project Educators, Supports, Advocates” to access the full Bee Grant community.


For any questions regarding the Bee Grant process, or if you need support in the bee approval process, please email The Bee Cause Project at info@thebeecause.org.

For any technical questions or issues regarding your online application, please email grants@wholekidsfoundation.org.